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  • The Pool School is FOUR 3-hour sessions.

    Session 1: Goal Setting, Fundamentals & Speed Control

    Session 2: Walk-in, Stance, Alignment, Stop, Follow, Draw, Aiming & Tangent Line

    Session 3: Practice Shots using High, Low, Right & Left English

    Session 4: Kicking, Banking, Jumps, Safes, Masses & Strategy


    Each Session Includes:

    • Practice assignments
    • Book with colorful diagrams 
    • Instructional Video
    • 30 minute "check up" / private lesson 


    Sessions are on Thursdays from 6-9pm or Sunday 9am-Noon.

    Tuition for each sessions is $125.


    All leveles welcome!


    Book Now!

    Pool School - 4 Sessions

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