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  • Moved to Vancouver, WA where she teaches pocket billiards and sells pool equipment full-time



  • During Covid, she worked for Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine writing articles, producing pool videos and interviewing players for podcasts

  • Continued to participate in Rotary Club International and Toastmasters International


  • General Manager, House Pro and Event Coordinator for a 25K square foot pool room, poker room & concert venue in Portland, Oregon


  • 9-Ball CHAMPION Northwest Women's Pool Association

  • Coach & MVP for CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM for Chico Men's Pool League 

  • Author of  200+ page pool book and designer of the P.H.D. (Pool Hall Degree) course.


  • Expanded into a 2nd location, Uptown Billiards Club in Portland, Oregon


  • Opened the Chico Billiards Academy & Pro Shop, selling a huge selection of cue sticks and pool tables


  • Trained hundreds of students, including the top women's shooter and other national competitors

  • Coached women's team to an unprecedented amount of 100% of weekly matches for an 8 month league and also won the Championships.


  • Designed pool curriculums for Pool School, Advanced Course, Billiards Boot Camp & Master Class

  • Became a league owner, operator, and designer of 2 weekly pool leagues still running today


  • TOURING PRO: International Pool Tour 


  • 8-BALL CHAMPION Billiard Congress of America

  • TRICK SHOT CHAMPION Billiard Congress of America



Jacqueline "The Angel" Karol was born in Washington State where her father was a nuclear engineer at Hanford. When she was 3 years old, he put a pool cue in her hand and she became a pool addict. He taught her some great fundamentals and significantly helped her understand the science behind the game. When she was 8 years old, her parents got divorced, and she moved to Philadelphia with her mother, who was a fantastic artist. She didn't realize how much influence that her mother ( actually had on her pool game until she allowed herself to see the table using her right brain like a painter sees a painting ( Creativity and visualization become one of the most important things, once you have invested time analyzing the mechanics and principles of the game.

Then, she moved to Colorado to go to the University of Colorado at Boulder. She balanced studying full-time, selling cars part-time and also earned the title of Regional Intercollegiate Champion. And then went on to compete in the National Intercollegiate Championships in Florida. She also was the "Top Gun" Champion in Denver and won various other local individual and team American Pool Players Association (APA), Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and Valley Association (VNEA) events.

After she graduated with a degree in Biology, she decided to pursue pool full-time. She trained with Tom Ross, professional pool instructor and columnist for Billiards Digest, for 12 months to win the BCA 8-Ball Championships in Las Vegas. She won out of 497 people and also won the Trick Shot Championships on her 1st and only attempt.

She formed a group called, The Angels of Billiards, who were 3 master female billiards players, who resembled the Charlie's Angels, who would do challenge matches and raise money for charities including the Battered Women's Shelter SafeHouse Denver, voter registration department, YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and more. To help support her pool career, she dealt Texas Hold'em part-time at various private poker clubs, golf clubs and charity events.

In 2006, her dream came true, and she competed on the Professional Tour, The International Pool Tour (IPT), where she was 1 out of only 14 women in the world playing against some of the very best men and women players of all time. She trained with David Hughes who has trained numerous professional men and women players around the country.

After the IPT unfortunately went under due to lack of funding, Jackie put all of her time and energy into owning and operating a bar/restaurant in Boulder with her former husband. She studied this business like she did pool and discovered her love of teaching people. She trained staff how to bartend and became a certified alcohol awareness teacher. She also created systems and procedures to make the bar run smoothly resulting in over $750K in revenue in her 1st year.

In 2010, she picked up her pool cue again and trained for about 60-80 hours per week. She reached new heights in her playing ability and knowledge of the game. She played in the local weekly tournament at TableSteaks near Denver with many top players including men and women pros. And about once per moth she traveled across the country to compete in National events such as the Northwest Women's Tour, U.S. Bar Table Championships, Pueblo State Championships and more.

After living in Colorado for over 14 years, she needed a change and decided to move to Northern California to a town called, Chico. Several years earlier, her father moved to a nearby town called Paradise, which is how she became acquainted with the area. She got a job as the House Pro giving lessons and selling pool equipment and also worked as a bartender. She started 2 weekly leagues and 1 weekly tournament which are still going strong. In 2013, she opened her own academy, called the Chico Billiards Academy & Pro Shop, which is right next door to the pool hall she is the House Pro at called, The Oasis Sports Bar & Grill.

This community has exploded with players and excitement about the game with more and more players getting serious about learning. Jackie has developed several detailed courses with textbooks (over 200 pages), practice routines and training aids to grow pool in this area. Chico, once hardly even on the radar as far as pool players, has now become the most represented city at the last U.S. Bar Table Championships in Reno. Although the events were singles events, our whole community of about 30 people came with matching red shirts to express our Chico team communities support for each other. It was the first time many of her students have ever played in a National event and they had a great experience and great time. Now they are even more motivated to excel at this game.

Jackie is most passionate about teaching and helping people accomplish what they thought might not be possible. It is a very rewarding experience and designing lectures, practice routines and distinguishing what exactly is holding that specific person back from what they want to achieve is very time consuming, but definitely a labor of love. She is very lucky to have become close friends with most of her students and has learned from them as much as they have learned from her.

She loves this sport because it brings so many people together. It brings people of all different background together that wouldn't have met otherwise. It is a great way for families to spend quality time together, instead of playing video games and being on their phones. This life-long sport is also a highly intellectual once you begin to really understand it's components. It also requires a tremendous amount of dedication, precision, focus, relaxation, concentration and discipline.

Jackie's Hobbies:

Pistol shooting, painting, learning to play the dulcimer and Native American flute, drinking wine, occasionally smoking a cigar, eating awesome food, golfing, ballroom dancing, taking her dog to agility classes, and listening to audiobooks.

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