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  • This is my personal table that is currently in the Academy showroom.  It is professional grade quality and arguably the nicest table that you can buy.  It is a Brunswick Gold Crown IV with new tournament blue Simonis cloth ($450 retail approx) that has only been played on for a couple months.  I bought the table years ago when I was training to win the BCA National 8-Ball Championship.  It served me well - And I won!  So, it has good voodoo on it;) 


    Right now, I just have too many tables and need more room for storage, etc.  And am traveling so much that I don't get to play regularly on it anyway.  It will be hard to say goodbye to it, but whoever gets it will be happy!  It also has the ball return system that adds about $1500 retail to the original retail price of about $10,000 ($11500 total) not including acessories, delivery and set up, of course.  And, it has upgraded pockets measuring 4 1/2" which is the most common size for competition in large tournaments for amateurs and pros.  

    Brunswick Gold Crown IV with ball return

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