Assembling and presenting the pool school is obviously a labor of love!  Jackie truly wants to help each and every one of her students to be as good at the game of pool as they are capable of being.  She has designed a rigorous course that is not only demanding but also worth the time and effort that each wannabe expert pool player is able to invest.  Even though the class is taught in a group environment, I personally feel that I am getting the kind of training that I would normally expect only in a one-on-one training course. In summary, I can say that I am getting as much out of this pool school as I could have hoped to get.  Thank you Jackie!  -Gerald Morelock, Chico, CA

Although only half way through the course, I am already starting to hit shots in a way that I’ve always wanted to, but have been unable to in my 15 years of playing. -Graham Greer, Chico, CA

I am learning so much!  Jackie is such a great teacher and has so much information to share.  I can already feel a difference when I play!  -Wendy Kaplan, Professor at Chico State University
She’s my definition of a winner. -David Hughes, Professional Coach and Instructor
She taught me what it looks like when a person reaches for perfection-Tom Ross, Instructor and Columnist for Billiards Digest, Cue Times Newsletter, and Professor Q-Ball

Jackie Karol stands out among the new generation of professional women pool players.  Behind her striking good looks and her engaging warm smile, there beats the heart of a true competitor, willing to challenge either men or women. -Carlos Ledson Miller, Author of “Stroke,” A Pool Novel

Jackie Karol is one of the most dedicated, thorough and fearless competitors. I know that her commitment to excellence in the game and in life will make her hugely successful and a great asset to anyone with whom she’s affiliated. -Megan Minerich, WPBA Touring Professional.
One lesson with Jackie and my game has improved one handicap-David Pappas, Boulder, Colorado, Physicist

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